Must-know in Ho Chi Minh City

You will be surprised by many interesting things that this beautiful city has to offer on your visit. But you need to know a little about this place to help you have an enjoyable trip in Ho Chi Minh City.
Sparkling Saigon view from Saigon River - Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City

Sparkling Saigon view from Saigon River

1. Climate – Unlike Hanoi or other Northern parts of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City in the South has a rather stable weather. The city is generally warm, and has a monsoon season from May to November and a dry season from December to April. In the rainy season, rains can be long and heavy, but often are short daily rains that stop quickly.  But the weather seems to have little impact on

activities of tourists visiting this city. It can be said that anytime in a year is the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City because this city has so many attractive places and activities to enjoy during the year.

2. Traffic
– Tourists who have ever visited Hanoi seem to find Ho Chi Minh City the same as Hanoi in some way, especially in traffic. Ho Chi Minh City must be the home of motorbikes; you cannot go anywhere without seeing them and of course crossing the street now gets interesting. Don’t wait until a good time to cross because there is NO good time. Just walk calmly and self assuredly into the maelstrom and do not hurry or run under any circumstances.

3. Safety
– Regarding safety in Ho Chi Minh City, it may be a mistake when we do not mention the roads at first which is said to cause the most problems in this city. The traffic is amazing but scaring, and you should look both ways when crossing roads, even then you are on a one-way street.Another important thing you should pay attention for your safety in Ho Chi Minh City is scams, rip-off artists and drive-by thievery. Don’t show people that you have money. It is best to bring little cash along you, and instead, you should carry a debit card for your cash requirements. ATMs are now everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City.  You should also refrain from wandering around wearing flashy watches and jewellery and be especially careful of your belongings in crowded areas and at bus and train stations.

4. Taboo
— Ho Chi Minh City also share numerous taboos with other regions along Vietnam. Here list some common ones which you should pay attention to enjoy the most in this city of Vietnam:

  • Don’t show your affection in public areas
  • Don’t point with your finger/touch people’s head
  • Don’t place chopsticks inside bowl
  • Don’t give handkerchiefs/ chrysanthemums as a gift
  • Don’t leave food unfinished
  • Don’t borrow things on the 1st day of the New Year
  • Don’t ask for any home for fire on the 1st day of each lunar month
5. Sleeping — There’s a wide range of accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City, fitting the demand of both business and leisure travelers in any budget. So, don’t worry about not finding anywhere convenient to stay in Ho Chi Minh City.

6. Doing
— Various popular tourist activities include Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, Big Market, Thien Hau Pagoda, etc. They’re all worth a peek, and you could do all these in one day.

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