Mekong Delta tour to discover U Minh Ha Forest

Located in the southernmost province of Ca Mau, the U Minh Ha Forest is an ideal place for a short trip from Ho Chi Minh City at weekends. It is attractive for its beauty of the country’s border area with Trem, Cai Tau and Doc rivers as well as mangrove shades and immense field of reeds.

Boat trip to discover U Minh Ha National Park - Tour in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Boat trip to discover U Minh Ha National Park

Endowed with largely intact natural characteristics, U Minh Ha has become a popular destination for those who travel on Southern Vietnam tour. Visiting the U Minh Ha Forest, visitor can see the 24-meter-high observatory and stand on the forest observation deck to admire the endless forests and vast waterways. Furthermore, you can get a chance to discover the wild nature of the forest as U Minh Ha is home to more than 8,000 hectares of indigo blues and 25,000 hectares of buffer zone as well as rich fauna and flora.
The National Park of U Minh Ha is part of the core zones of the Mui Ca Mau (Ca Mau Cape) World Biosphere Reserve. Since the melaleuca forest was used to protect the revolutionary base during the war against the US imperialists, it significantly contributed to the national struggle for freedom and independence. Therefore, the authorities of Ca Mau have exerted to the conservation and promotion of the forest’ value, particularly constructing roads and enhancing the forest fire prevention and control systems.

Joining a trip to U Minh Ha Forest, you will either take a boat trip to travel along interlacing canals or walk through the forest to discover the wild life there. You can see various wildlife species, such as deer, wild boars, monkeys, weasels, snakes, turtles and pangolins. Many of which have been listed in the Red Book.

Grey heron, a rare bird in U Minh Ha Forest - Tour from Ho Chi Minh City

Grey heron, a rare bird in U Minh Ha Forest

Furthermore, rustic dishes are also highlights of a trip to U Minh Ha Forest as there are about 60 kinds of freshwater and brackish water fish in the forest. You can ask to be served with grilled freshwater fish, fried field mouse, grilled snake with water lily and premature lotus leaves. If you don’t want local people to help spread the net to catch fish, you can try fishing by yourself.

Particularly, coming to this land, you cannot miss a chance to listen to anecdotes and legends of Uncle Ba Phi who was famous around the southern province for his cheerful, free-spoken and brave character, and his story telling. Skill hunters and forest workers at the forest are always welcomed and ready to tell you mysterious and sensational stories.

Last but not least, during the trip, you can lean back in cane chairs in stilt houses to enjoy the lyrical melodies of Tai Tu Music – Don Ca Tai Tu – which is a traditional musical art form of the south performed by amateur artists and a must-try experience in any Mekong Delta tour.

To sum up, no one can deny that travelling and discovering the U Minh Ha Forest along with catching voles are worthwhile and memorable experience for all visitors to the Mekong Delta Vietnam. However, due to the work of forest fire prevention and control, visitors to the forest during high season will be limited.