Mekong tour to learn how people make coconut candy

A Mekong tour to the province of Ben Tre not only offers tourists exotic nature, farms and waterways, it also brings people to a coconut candy making factory, where they can observe how local people make coconut candies as well as buy candies for beloved. Coconut candy has been known as a specialty of Ben Tre, a land of coconut trees.


A man cooks coconut milk with malt, a crucial ingredient to produce coconut candies. Makers add flavors durian, chocolate, or la dua (a kind of pandanus leaf) in the cooking process to turn out assorted candies

Visiting the workshops in Ben Tre, tourists can have an opportunity to watch the process of making a small bar of sticky coconut candy from top to toe, and enjoy hot pieces of sweet and greasy coconut candies which just come out of the oven.


After the mixture of coconut milk and malt becomes thick, makers put it on a wooden mold covered with a layer of coconut oil before cutting it into small pieces


Foreign visitors are invited to try hot coconut candies on the spot


A man picks coconuts to make candies. The chosen coconuts are those turning dry because they give sweet and greasy coconut milk to make good candies

(Source SGT)