Detailed guide to obtain Vietnam Visa for US passport holder

Many visitors may think that they can travel to many countries in the world only with a powerful US passport but no need to apply for a visa. Actually, when choosing Vietnam for their destination, visitors should be aware that a Vietnam Tourist Visa is required for all United States passport holders visiting Vietnam on every holiday trip regardless of length of their stay in the country. In addition, visa to visit Vietnam is required for both personal and business purposes. Expats from the United States are able to obtain a visa to Vietnam in 2 ways: before arrival at embassy or on arrival at airport. So what option is better? Let go through the comparison to know more about the two ways of getting visa for US travelers!


The similarity of both above options is to provide a valid Vietnamese visa; while the difference is about beneficiaries and issuing authority. Applying visa through Embassy is available for all, but Vietnam Visa On Arrival is just applicable those who enter Vietnam by air. Vietnam Embassy will be the one issuing Visa Embassy while Visa on arrival is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

To make your progress go smoothly, please follow these steps assisting you in apply in the two ways:

For Vietnam Embassy Visa:

Follow the common procedure and documents to obtain Vietnam at Vietnam embassy in a certain country and the visa can be obtained after 4 or 5 working days:

  • Get the application form on Vietnam Embassy in US, filling in all information required;
  • Prepare application form, original passport, photos, visa fee in cash and others (if any)
  • Submit application documents, pay visa fee to the Embassy and get Appointment Letter;
  • Visit the Vietnam Embassy in United States again to receive passport and visa.

For Visa on Arrival

The application method is totally different from getting visa by Embassy as it requires no travel, no sending off passport and other documents via post either. The only thing needed is an Internet-accessed device and follow these following steps to get Vietnam visa for US citizens:

  • Complete the online form at;
  • Double check information and pay for service fee online;
  • Get Approval Letter via email after 2 working days for normal service or even 1 working day for urgent service (tourist visa)
  • Get visa stamped on your original passport after paying stamping fee to Immigration Officer at Vietnam international airport (Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, Cat Bi, Cam Ranh airport)

In terms of visa fee, the applicant will only need to pay visa fee once at Vietnam embassy, while it will be required to pay 2 kinds of fee including service fee (paid online to get approval letter) and stamping fee (paid in cash at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped) if applicant chooses visa on arrival.

For the visitors who come from the United State now, applying visa to Vietnam have been much easier by choosing either of the two ways mentioned above. Let’s get your visa to discover Vietnam- a beautiful nation you have dreamed to come!