Where to get good massage in Ho Chi Minh city

After moving around the city all day long, travelers can treat themselves by a massage to be charged of energy. You can choose between mainly 2 kinds of massage in Vietnam: the Vietnamese traditional massage and the Thai style massage. Here are recommendations for your choice:

  1. Cat Moc Spa, 61-63 Tran Dinh Xu S.t, D.1

When going to Tran Dinh Xu Street, you will easily find this beautiful spa. You will feel peaceful from the first moment because of soft lights, natural sound and mild fragrances. The extra benefit of this spa is that your transportation fee to go to spa will be returned. You just need to inform the receptionist about how much you paid for your moving.

There are many options for you choice such as Swedish massage,Thai massage, Hot Stone massage, Vietnamese herbal relaxing massage, skincare and other services.

30 minutes treatment will cost about $10 or you can choose the 75-minute package to enjoy Hot stone therapy, which is the most popular one here.

  1. Miumiu spa, 84 Ngo Duc Ke S.t, D.1

You can go to one of 4 spas in District 1 to experience massgage of Miumiu. The spa architecture is combination of contemporary Asian style and the delicate décor.

The service of Miumiu spa includes the Vietnamese massage and Thai one and Shiatsu massage from Japan. The Japanese massage focuses on using one’s fingertips to relieve stress, lower back pain, digestive discomfort, headaches and so on.

Apart from two 30 minutes packages, you can choose service of 60-minute long. The most famous one is fresh ginger essence massage. You will be provided juice before services begin and a cup of Vietnamese tea after finishing.

  1. Saigon Heritage Spa, 69 Hai Ba Trung S.t, D.1

Near the Saigon Opera House, this spa is an great destination to take a break and relax your whole body. You will be served by professional staff who were carefully trained before becoming the massage therapists.

There are traditional massage & spa aroma oil in style of Vietnamese or Thailand for your choice. Beauty services in Saigon Heritage Spa will bring you the best relaxing moments.

  1. Moc Huong Spa, 9C Ton Duc Thang S.t, D.1

You will be impressived by the extensive menu of Moc Huong. There are plenty of methods of treatments such as Moc Huong Body Treatment, Hawaiian style, Thailand style and so on. You can choose among body massage, foot treatments, facials, etc to experience the service here. It is one of the most favorite place for sport player or anyone who want to take a a treatment on a particular part such as head, shoulders, legs or any part of your body.

You can decide whether male massage therapists or female one, or you can also get a massage with both two therapists at a time. During the massage process, you can require the level of strength to feel the most comfortable. Finally, you will be served a cup of cool tea together candies and lotus seeds.

  1. Golden Lotus Spa, 15 Thai Van Lung S.t, D. 1 or 139 Ton Nhat Tien S.t, D. 7

This is known as the first family spa in Vietnam. Your whole family can come for a Korean style experience. With simple and clear menu, you can easily choose the suitable service. In addition, there is a restaurant which serves food after your amazing massage. The 90 minutes body massage with hot stones is the most popular treatment here.


Relaxing moments

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