Planning for a backpacking trip to Vietnam from India with a budget under 50.000 USD

Is it possible to plan for a backpacking trip to Vietnam from India with a budget under 50K? The answer is probably yes. Don’t be surprised as you can normally do it with a good plan for your upcoming vacation to this wonderful nation with particular low-cost service. Let’s refer the below tips to make your limited budget trip to Vietnam with under 50K.

First, let’s start with a map of Vietnam

Travelers from India should know that Vietnam is a pretty long country. To assist you best in transportation, we recommend the nonstop buses depart from the capital city in the North (Hanoi) to the big city in the south (Saigon) which will take you around 40 hrs.

The pace of your trip

The time that is typically needed to explore a place decently well is from2–3 days, and then if you are planning a 10-day trip, you can actually visit 3–4 places. It is apparent that you should not miss the North or South out of your list, just put Hanoi with Ha Long Bay in 3 days visiting the North, and Da Nang with Hoi An for 2 days in the Central, and then Da Lat for 2 days in the south central and finally Saigon in the heart of the South. This routine will let you explore quite well, but at a fast-moving pace.


Beautiful Vietnam

Things to discover

Getting information from Vietnam – Wikitravel is an ideal way to start while you’ll actually get an idea of the country, the city,  places to visit, things to do and an overview of the history and culture where you will discover. After you have listed out the places you want to visit, the blogs can help you to get more understanding of what exactly you want to do. You even can sort out a list and decide for sure when you come there, but you should refer the experience from some must-visit places as the Halong Bay Cruise in the north where you can swim in the sea with plankton, or explore the insane beautiful and quaint town of Hoi. Don’t miss out the chance to discover the awesome cave in Vietnam, and visit Cu Chi tunnels, the War remnants museum in Saigon remaining the story of Vietnam’s bloody history. Or you may enjoy the nightlife in Saigon when finding a bar which has locals to experience more about the life here. Remember to search for the information well first and booked in advance to make a smooth trip.


You should bear in mind that 1 USD is exchanged around 22,500 in Vietnamese Dong, and thus the currency in Vietnam is quite undervalued.  It seems that this will make you a local millionaire right away, however, you will also pay enormous amounts for simple things, for instance, a bowl of soup from the street vendors may cost you about 20,000 VND. Generally, the cost is nearly equal to those in India, except for beer which is extremely cheap!

In terms of the flight cost, you can get by for less than $20 a day. Take this as an example, you take a flight via Bangkok that will be 17K–25K depending on the time of travel, or a flight via Kuala Lumpur will be around 13K–22K.

One more point to put in the budget issue is the visa cost, while others think that visa agency services can charge at high fee, actually it can save you a great amount of time, efforts and expenses in case your Vietnam visa application may be failed. Applying Vietnam visa on arrival from India, you can spend less with a high time- saving process made online than other type of visa. Then you can refer the information of the procedure to apply for a visa on arrival here

From what you have gone through, it is convincible that your 50K should be more than sufficient including flights and other fee for food and accommodation. Then Indian who want to take a holiday trip to Vietnam can consider having a limited budget of 50k for the most comfortable trip!