Mekong Delta Tour – Again

I visited the Mekong Delta again, but this time on a tour. I thought maybe it would be good to do a tour so I can actually see the Mekong River and all the islands that the formed from decades of silts being deposited at the mouth of the river.

The tour included a 4 hour boat ride that showed us the local floating market, a candy workshop that made coconut candy (which is absolutely delicious), pop-rice, yes…I said pop-rice.

Cai Rang Floating Market - Mekong Delta tour 1

“Cay Beo” in each boat in Cai Rang Floating Market

What is pop-rice? Well, it is like popcorn but with rice! It is like rice crispy but much bigger kernels and healthier I think. They use hot sand to pop the rice! Using the same method, they can make pop-noodles too. They reminded me of fried onion strings but again, much healthier because it is not fried!

After they make the pop-rice and pop-noodles, they mix it with caramel to turn it to something like a rice crispy squares. They make different flavors; garlic, spicy, coconut and so on.

Sunrise on floating market - Mekong delta tour

Sunrise on the Mekong floating market

Stop was at a family house that served us a typical Vietnamese lunch for when guests arrive. Fried Elephant Ear Fish to make rice rolls with, local shrimp (they were extra large shrimp, more like a baby lobster!), spring rolls, vegetable soup and fresh local fruits.

After lunch, we meandered the many tributaries for the Mekong region and then stopped at a landlord’s house. The landlord house was a mansion. Elaborate decorations, gold plating, and the most expensive things you can buy in Vietnam. The land here in Vietnam is not owned by the government but owned my private individuals (landlords). This is why the landlord house is head over heels compared to the local farmer’s houses. At the landlord’s house, we enjoyed some snacks, jasmine tea while listening to live music performed by (I think) housekeepers, farm workers and maids! The entertainment was really good.

I think I’m starting to fall in love with Vietnam. I like her here. I wish I could speak the language and stay longer. It’s a fun place.